Luxa (cousin) Vikus (grandfather) Solovet (grandmother) Henry (brother)






Underlander Human



Nerissa is an Underlander girl. She lives in Regalia and is Luxa's cousin through her royal side. Nerissa is the sister to Henry, and the grandaughter of Vikus and Solovet. She often has visions that predict the future.

Abilities, Personality, and AppearanceEdit

Nerissa is Luxa's cousin and Henry's sister. She is described as "painfully thin"; she cannot ride into battle and she often leans against walls for support.

Nerissa is a seer, but not always a reliable one. She can see into the future, past, and present, but many Underlanders doubt her skills. She can often tell what people want or need, as shown in Gregor the Overlander when she hands Gregor a copy of the Prophecy of Gray right after he wishes that he had such a copy.

Nerissa is in the royal lineage, and when Luxa is percieved to be dead, she is queen for a short time. Her emaciated body and vision-dizzied mind make strong disadvantages, and she is grateful when Luxa returns.

Other things noted of her are her tendency to fret, her knowledge of Sandwich's prophecies, and her neat handwriting.

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